Let’s Have Some Bites!

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Let’s Have Some Bites!

My motive behind creating this website is to provide short refreshing bites or meaningful stories that can be quickly read and shared. I have always struggled to read (and finish) long books, stories and articles. I keep looking out for something that I can read in one sitting, precisely within 15-45 minutes range.

I often use my tea or coffee breaks at work to read something that I can finish with in my break. However, I haven’t found a one stop shop that would serve this special appetite of mine. With that in mind, I am starting this website for other folks like me.

We’ll keep our posts simple and short. We’ll deliver original, and truthful content to our readers to enjoy while they take a break and enjoy reading something good. Our content can be anything ranging from a short funny story to something little more intense but we would like to stick to something light that cheers up the mood and refreshes your mind and body along with providing some useful information.

We can assure our readers that it will be all genuine, true content with no hidden motives to downplay or exaggerate anything for any reason. We are not embarking on this journey under the urge to achieve any financial gains or any other hidden agenda. We’ll be very careful in our language and presentation so that it doesn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you’ll keep coming back.

TeaTimeReads Team.

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